Blogger’s block

I’m afraid I have not been in a blogging frame of mind this last week. My brain is so full of so many things that it’s hard to just sit down and write. Hoping my mojo will return soon.

This little guy got his 4 month needles today. Thank goodness for modern medicine.

Toowoomba is going to be a-okay

I spent a night and two days in Toowoomba last week to get a bit of feel for the place and to catch up with some people I know who live there. I also got to see my lovely friend Colleen on the way up for some awesome quality chats before she moves overseas.

Toowoomba is a super pretty town with lots of beautiful areas to live, in and I noticed heaps of playgrounds, for the win! We stayed with wonderful friends who loved all the baby snuggles.

Even though there is so much to do before we move, at least I know what to expect when we get there!

What a Wednesday!

A big day filled with wonderful (child-free but not baby-free) catch ups, seeing my nieces and nephew and sister in law, having some solid playground time with the kids and friend’s kids, a swim, an ice cream, a short catch up with Ouma (get better quick!) lots of baby cuddles and a yummy dinner cooked by Mum.

Aren’t holidays grand ☺


A day at the beach

We headed down to the Gold Coast for the day today and had a great time with Nanna and Poppy and Josie. Such fun!

“Does Poppy have ice cream?”

Answer: does Poppy ever NOT have ice cream??

I love the coffee shop next door!

And we had plenty of smiles for everyone!

Such a great day xxx

These boys

I don’t LOVE playgrounds but I am a huge fan of sitting around and catching up with my friend Kate. We arranged to meet at Marchent Park at Chermside and I assumed I would be redirecting Darby for the whole time but it was almost the best playground trip I’ve ever done! The three older boys, pictured, had a great time running around, and Quinn and Darby played together for over 2 hours! Winner!

Day 1 of holidays

We’ve had a lovely cruisey start to the holidays and heaps more planned. The kids woke bright and early at 6am after going to bed at nearly 9pm last night (grrr) and Mum took them next door to the old house to find some toys to bring on over to the new house. I had a little sleep in while feeding Jules until just after 7 and then the day began!

Darby was getting into EVERYTHING that he shouldn’t so mum took him and Quinn for a walk to shake out the sillies and Chance stayed at home with me, Jules and Grumpy. We played a few board games like Trouble and a couple others (don’t know the names) which was nice to just hang.

Then while Chance and Quinn went to my mother in laws for a play and Darby slept, I took Jules for a catch up with Sonia.

We went to a lovely little cafe in Nundah and had a great catch up. Then I grabbed a few things from Aldi (and no extras!) and headed home and not long after that took the kids to see the kites flying down at Pelican Park. Home for a long and much needed bath followed by a yummy slow cooked lamb and the old and getting the kids to bed routine.

The kids have been a little crazy but it’s to be expected with so much going on. All in all a great start to the holidays!

Funny stuff

It’s not all fun and games but these kids really do crack me up.

This is Darby and I having a Batman-off (or as I like to call it, Batmananoff)


Then Quinn got into the swing of it (and nearly swung Jules out of her arms!)


And Chance is just so sweet when he makes up songs (and don’t you just love his missing front teeth!?)

I’ve had some pretty hairy parenting minutes/hours lately – I think I’m just tired and stressed out with all the renovation stuff on my mind – but these kids really do make me laugh.

10 things on the 10th

10 ways I know I’m “such a mum”

1. I fold clothes while I’m watching a movie on a Saturday night

2. I make comments during the movie like “well that’s just ridiculous”

3. When my kids say they don’t like something I’ve cooked them I say “what’s not to like?”

4. And “how do you know you don’t like it if you haven’t even tried it!?”

5. And “just three more bites”

6. When Darby hands me his jumper and says “can you put this on?” I say “it won’t fit me!”

7. I hide veges in their spag bol.

8. I can find things even if the kids have looked “everywhere!”

9. I have a seemingly endless supply of all the kid’s favourite snacks. And how I wish they all had the same favourites!

10. This.