Nearly there

The last 2 weeks have been haaaaaard woooorrrrk. Since last Monday, Hubs has been working all day and all evenings every day except the weekend which he only worked all day. The reason for this? Our new kitchen? The real reason? We didn’t budget this year. I’m so cranky at us for not planning better for this renovation work. I really thought that solo parenting for 2 full weeks wouldn’t be much harder than what I already do, but I wad so wrong. It is SO much harder.

It’s relentless. There is no promise of Hubs being home soon to help with dinner/bath/bedtime. And as if that’s not enough, I’m currently living without a kitchen. It’s kind of shit and even though I’m trying to just keep my head down and get on with it, when I come up for air I’m just exhausted. And cranky. The poor kids. I’m so tired of myself yelling at them. It sucks big time.

I know it’s temporary. The kitchen will be in in 2 weeks time and we go to Melbourne next week so there is something to look forward to. Until then, here it is!


Happy birthday Mum

Happy birthday Mum. You truly are a remarkable woman. And you know how I know that? Because I’m not the only one who thinks it.

I hope you have had a superb day and I’m sure the weekend will be even better xx

Sometimes “yes” is the only answer

Me: “What would you like for afternoon tea?”

Chance: “ummmmm ice cream?”

Me: “Yes!”

Chance: “seriously??”

Yes. Those three little letters make up one big word. I just got tired of saying no; of not being fun; tired of taking everything so seriously. So this afternoon I said yes to ice cream and yes to watching Captain Underpants”.

Quinn: (squealing) “It’s not even Friday and we get to have ice cream AND a movie!”

I think that’s the whole point of us limiting our kids treat food and screen time. It’s a really big deal that they get excited about and (hopefully) appreciate.

Hubs is working days as well as evenings at the moment to help pay for our new kitchen which has meant pretty much solo parenting for me. The kids have been mostly great but I’ve been mostly cranky. But not today. Today has been an easy, fun day. And right now I’m enjoying the cool breeze on our deck with a sleeping bubba in my arms while the kids watch their movie and Hubs has a much needed sleep before his next shift starts at 5.

Sometimes the most wonderful things can happen when you just say yes.

10 things on the 10th

10 things I love about the first 5 months

1. Breastfeeding can get you out of most things and is just the nicest thing to be able to do.

2. No messy solids…. yet

3. Parents understand that you do anything that works to survive – there’s much less judgement about how you parent in the first six months compared to when they are over one year.

4. Squishy chubby legs (his, not mine)

5. There’s so much development – they go from a strange little blob, to your baby who recognises and smiles at you.

6. They stay where you have put them down.

7. They sleep anywhere.

8. Having a messy house is completely understandable and acceptable.

9. Everyone wants a piece of the pie. If you’re a social person and you’re out and about, a lot of people come up to look at the baby.

10. The gummy smile

What a lovely near five months it’s been. It’s so hard to imagine what life was like before he came along! What a treasure ☺

It’s complicated

I was driving to the gym this morning after dropping Hubs’ boss at the airport, reflecting on my current levels of overwhelm, when I stopped myself.

For months now I’ve been thinking to myself how hard life feels. The short timeline to do the renovations, breaking the budget to do them, moving to a new town, leaving wonderful friends, tying up a whole lot of loose ends, and knowing all the paperwork and change of addresses that await me when we move. As well as all the day to day stuff that already keeps me busy.

Then it dawned on me. I haven’t suffered an awful loss, or experienced trauma, or have to deal with any illnesses. We are all healthy and well and happy; we eat good, fresh food, we live in a wonderful house, and we are moving to a lovely new town.

So today I decided on an attitude shift. It’s not hard, it’s complicated. There’s a lot going on that is stressful but worrying about it doesn’t make it better and certainly doesn’t get things done. One of my favourite sayings is

The antedote to worry is positive, purposeful action.

So I’m putting one foot in front of the other and just getting one thing done at a time.

And right now there is washing to hang out. Nothing complicated about that.