Another day another 10 boxes

Gosh it’s hard to downsize.

I think if Oprah came and pulled out all our belongings in our house and placed them out on tables I would be quite shocked. But I don’t think we have a ridiculous amount of stuff.

Others would disagree.

Did you know that the average household contains 300,000 items? Hubs told me that. I don’t know where he got his figure from and I didn’t fact check him so it could be completely made up. But can you imagine that??

I mean I have about 200 rubber bands. Does that count as 200 items? And what about my Bobby pin collection?

It’s like saying that the Thermomix comes with a recipe book with hundreds of recipes. But 72 of them are just different types of risotto.

Sorry. Had to be done.

Anyway we are doing our best. We are taking photos of things we can’t decide on. It’s helping.

Chance and Quinn went to Brisbane with mum and dad today. They have arrived safe and sound and I’m falling asleep.

See you tomorrow for more boxing.

Chipping away

Dammit. I just realised a missed my “10 things on the 10th” for December. In fairness I did do one on the 1st of December. It might have to do.

I think if I only had two days and all the packing supplies, I could pack the house up in that time. The thing is I know I have another 5 days, and I’ll probably use that whole time.

I’m loving putting things aside for the garage sale. It’s going to be more work but I think I’m being more ruthless with our stuff which means fewer things to pack!

To be honest, packing up the house is only causing about 50% of my stress at the moment. The rest of it revolves around renting this house out and finding one to live in and all the paperwork that entails!

Not that you can tell I’m stressed. Dad commented on how calm I seemed considering the upcoming move. And I guess I am calm. Either that or I’m too damn tired to be stressed.

Either way more boxes have been packed and tomorrow the kids will head to Brisbane with Gran and Grumpy. And you know what I’ll be doing?

Nope! More packing…

Day 1

Today was huge.

It started with a bit of a hangover, but more from sleep depravation than anything else. The fridge iced over last night so I had to defrost it (good as new!) Thankfully mum had already emptied it out into various eskis and the downstairs fridge.

The I had to take Jules for his 6 month needles. He wasn’t too fussed thankfully.

In fairness that photo was taken before the jabs but whatever.

Mum and Dad and kids are sticking around for a couple more days which is great for me! More uninterrupted packing time! Woooooohooooooo. I’m so lucky.

Anyway, I came home, had a coffee, and it was time to pack the first box. That one is often the hardest. A day and probably 20 boxes later, I’ve made an unnoticeable dent. But most is the stuff I packed did come out of cupboards.

I’ve (perhaps foolishly) decided to have a garage sale this Saturday to at least try and get a bit of cash for our worldly possessions.

I have a to do list a mile long, including “find house in Toowoomba to live in” but we will get there.

One cute photo at a time.

Jules’ baptism

Just all the feels today! Our last official event at our place before packing week commences tomorrow.

My gorgeous little man of the moment was an absolute angel.


With the beautiful Hayley, his fairy Godmother 😉

And with Gran and Grumpy and below with Ouma.

I’m honestly so exhausted and have just had the best couple of weeks.

The thought of starting to pack tomorrow kind of sucks but it has to be done. I’m glad I’ve got some wonderful memories of this time to cherish.

Call of the night

I’m out with the fit mum’s crew.

I may have bought a new dress.

I’m looking at one if the fit mum’s on the d-floor with pockets.

I say “I wish I had pockets!”

I feel around my new dress as I’m saying that and find pockets.

“Oh my gosh I’ve got pockets!”

Best night. Thanks ladies.

Happy birthday Darby

How are you three????

I feel like all of a sudden he’s grown up. A uke was the obvious choice for a present. He loves his bittaaar.

He was a bit unwell yesterday and still recovering today. We had a belated party down at the park with Chance’s school friends and he kind of fell asleep like this.

After that party (more on that later) we headed home to continue the celebrations with some of our nearest and dearest. Which included his Minions cake!

I’m not going to lie guys. I’m pretty damn happy with my efforts on this one.

And he loved it too if course. Gosh there’s so much to say about such a little guy with such a huge personality. We just adore this kid beyond words. He is kind and generous and curious. So curious. And we encourage that wonder and joy of discovering new things as much as possible.

Darby you are a treasure. Happy birthday nugget xxxxxx


Farewell BBQ

Even though we are not leaving for a couple more weeks (gosh that’s frighteningly soon) we had our farewell BBQ on Saturday and it went a little like this.

Quinn: “Mama, is our BBQ going to be epic?”
Me: “Yes darling. Yes it is.”

We hired a jumping castle for the 25+ kids and they had a ball! (This was early on in the piece when there were only a dozen or so kids)

And a little bit later on

There’s always a bit of a slow start to these events I find. By 1pm we had pretty much done all the chopping and preparing that we could do. We had decided to serve our much loved pulled pork with crunchy noodle salad on sliders, mini hamburgers with our homemade tasty BBQ sauce, and twice cooked lamb wraps with tzatziki and cous cous tabbouleh.

Turns out that at service time, I needed all hands on deck! Thankfully my gorgeous friends Sian, Sarah and Nadia were at the ready, with Hayles kindly refilling my Mimosas. Unfortunately the only photo of the production line I got is blurry and not great. So here’s one of me instead!

As if I did it all on my own! These girls are the absolute best if  you don’t mind me saying so.

Life will suck a little without them. Okay. A lot. Pretty much all the good times I have had over the last 2 and a bit years have involved one, more, or all of these ladies. They get me and they get my family and they love me and I’ll absolutely treasure the time I’ve had with them.

Leaving them is going to be hard.

Anyway, back to the party! The pulled pork sliders were incredible as always

And the lamb wraps were a massive hit, as were the burgers (no photo though!)

Desserts were a-plenty and a-mazing! (See what I did there?!)

Kate’s chocolate and berry cake was just the best!

The afternoon was leisurely, the evening stepped things up a notch, and fun was had into the night. We finally got to bed around 1am, happily exhausted. I would have liked more time just to sit and chat, but it’s often the way when you’re the host. Hubs outdid himself in the meat cooking department, and my crew upstairs really helped me not get too overwhelmed, and made my life a thousand times easier.

One of a few farewells coming up I’m sure. I’ll be sad to leave. That’s all.

Forgotten High Teas

I can’t believe I never got around to blogging about the other two St Joey’s High Teas I attended. Here’s the one from the first year we were here. So gorgeous!

Last year’s one was a bit more low-key but equally lovely with the added bonus of my dear friend Sian who had just moved to Rocky a few months before.

The usual suspects came along and there was so much yummy food on offer!

As I mentioned, this year was a smaller affair, but no less lovely. And a few new faces to boot! The lovely Hayley and Sarah.

A year on and still glamorous as ever!

(Side note, I bought this dress the day before at Salvos… and it has pockets!)

I even had myself a super cute date!

I’ll miss my yearly High Tea with these ladies! Thanks for the lovely memories xx