Road trippin’

We are here. We arrived in Cairns last night at 8pm. We left Rocky at 2pm Friday and after stopping in Mackay for dinner (and a pee stop somewhere before that) we arrived in Bowen around 10pm. 565km in 8 hours. Not bad going with four kids and a couple of stops.

The kids set up

Ocean View Motel just outside of Bowen

We pretty much just got up and left on Saturday morning and started heading for Townsville around 8am. It took close to three hours to do the 200km drive thanks to roadworks but the kids did so well! We got there and let them loose in the water park while we caught up with friends and family there. It was 2.5 hours very well spent.

After buying sushi and iced coffees we left close to 2pm and were half an hour out of town when we realised we needed fuel. So annoying! So we stopped and if course the kids needed to pee and Darby woke up from his deep sleep he was in. After some stuffing around we finally made it to Innisfail around 5pm and stopped for dinner.

We were all getting pretty much over it by this stage but still had 120km to go!

We had to keep going! We got back on the road around 6 and I ended up sitting in the back seat with the kids. Jules was inconsolable but happy with me there.

Frith and Jules having a quick break in Innisfail.

That last leg was a doozie bit we made it! So day two was 523km in 12 hours. Yes 12. It was pretty crazy towards the end but we made it and it is glorious to be on holidays with our people. Our incredible friends who we adore and wish we saw more of. So we are just soaking it all in. And enjoying the amazing Air BnB house. Seriously. The main bedroom and cot are nicer than our own bedroom at home!

It’s going to be an amazing 10 days. I’ll keep you posted 😉


Me: “Let’s just sit back on these couches for a few minutes and enjoy being on our holiday.”

Quinny crawls onto my lap to lie down.

Quinn: “It’s so quiet”

Me: “mmm hmmm”

Quinn: “I’m hungry”

30 seconds. That’s all I got.

Flashback Friday

This day in 2011. We were living in Mount Beauty and I invited my mother’s group and bubs up for the day to have a first birthday party for Chance and all the kids.

My gorgeous mums group. Gosh we had some wonderful times!!

It feels like a lifetime ago but also like just yesterday. How did I ever only have one kid?? They were certainly simpler times. I wouldn’t chance what I have today for anything but I’m glad I appreciated just one baby when I had him.

And in 2 weeks he will be turning 7. Just like that. What a star.

Invitations have been sent

I wasn’t actually going to have a birthday party for Chance’s Rocky friends this year. We will be in Cairns for his birthday weekend so we will have a cake for him up there, and he had a party last year so I didn’t feel the need. Plus with our going away BBQ as well as Jules’ baptism and the fact that we’re moving in a month, I just didn’t think I’d have the energy.

But then this happened.

He hand made 30 invitations, all different types of vehicles, over a few days. This is just a sample. I helped with a bit of the cutting out but he drew everything himself. How could I possibly say no?! It was so lovely seeing him come up with the ideas and then just having that confidence to draw it.

Making sure he included all of his class mates.

So it’s happening. We’ll do the same thing as last year – a cake in the park after school. Nice and simple.

What happens when…

You hide toys  (in this case our entire collection of Little People) for 18 months and the kids rediscover them. Over an hour, maybe closer to two hours, of playing. Bliss!

While I hung out with the neighbours. Not a bad way to spend the afternoon!

10 things on the 10th

10 things I say to Darby every faaaaarrrrrking day

1. Where did you get that?

2. Don’t touch people with your feet (i.e. stop kicking me!)

3. What’s in your mouth?

4. Don’t put things in your mouth that aren’t food

5. Freeze!

6. Put that down

7. You sit down for two minutes

8. Get down from there

9. That’s not yours

10. How many times do I have to tell you!?…..

Looking after him can be an absolute roller coaster of emotions. But jeez I just love him to bits.

With his “telescoach”

One on one time

It’s tricky to have individual time with four kids, and at this stage Jules doesn’t count which means I get heaps of one on one time with Darby. But not much with Chance or Quinn. It’s definitely something I will be working on in the coming months. I have this thing about everything having to be fair and equal with the kids, but I’m learning that a) it’s not realistic and b) it’s not how the world works. I also feel like it’s been preventing me from doing special stuff with just one kid so I’m slowly letting that go.

With that in mind, I took Quinn out yesterday and we had coffee and cake. Well I had coffee and apart from the three bits she gave me, (forced portion control!) Quinn had cake. And juice. We left the four (stinky) boys at home and it was really lovely and relaxing hanging out with my baby girl. Who goes to school next year. Huh. How did that happen?

What a view

When we started talking about how to renovate this house two years ago, this is EXACTLY what I had in mind. Beautiful deck with our beautiful view that I can enjoy while preparing food for family and friends.

This is potato salad prepared in “Nanny’s potato salad bowl” and Nanny’s serving spoon with Quinn Maria pretending not to notice I was taking a photo.

I’m going to miss our beautiful house and neighbours more than you know. Pancakes on the deck with my world.