Looking forward but not wishing away

Don’t wish it away; Don’t look at it, like it’s forever.

I’ve heard the song “I guess that’s why they call it the blues” a hundred times or more over the years, but isn’t it funny how you really hear lines of songs when they reflect your life?

A few months ago I was feeling like I couldn’t wait for the next phase of a particular part of parenting to begin (I can’t remember what it was specifically). Then I heard that line and it really hit me.

It won’t be like this forever. And that can be a happy and a sad thing. It’s pretty cliché for mums to say how quickly the years go by and to urge other mums to enjoy their young children. And I do feel like I make an effort to do this but every now and then things pop up and I wonder how it will be in five years time.

Like watching movies with my kids at home.

I don’t like to just put a movie on for them and leave them to it. I love watching with them. But when I do, all they do is climb all over me and ask me for food. And it’s no fun for any of us! Well not for me anyway. It’s mostly Darby (climbing over me) and Quinn (asking for food) and Chance often just wants to be as close to me as possible which I can’t really complain about. I know I’ll miss that when it stops.

So I guess I just have to keep reminding myself that in five years time, things will be completely different, as they were five years ago when all I could think about was trying to get Chance to sleep for more than two hours at a time at any time of the night or day.

So much to enjoy in this phase of our lives.

I just can’t believe it

Actually I can.

The one day I wanted Darby to have a long sleep and he wakes up after an hour and 20 minutes.

Seriously! And I was asleep for 45 of those minutes. But look. It’s 11:47pm and I need to get today’s blog published before I get distracted again.

It’s been another great evening on our deck surrounded by friends and kids and food and booze (for everyone else) and I’m feeling grateful.

I may get onto the computer another day.


I need to sit down at the computer

Most of my blog posts this year, just like this one, have been written on my phone. You can tell when I have used the laptop – the post is longer and well-edited.

Tomorrow I will have a two-three hour block where Darby will be asleep and hopefully I can sit down and write something of substance.

Until then, here is a cute photo of Quinny as a toddler.

And Chance looking at me looking at my Darby bump.

And my little cuties enjoying ice cream in our tiny stinking hot courtyard in Mount Isa

Hopefully that’s enough distraction for now. Okay maybe one more…

Gosh were they ever really that little??

FYI these photos are early 2014 for those of you playing at home 😉

The noodle and the clown

We really should call our kids by their actual names more. Chance is generally “noodle”, Darby is “such a clown” or Darby-doo, and Quinny, I man Quinn, is, well Quinny. Or Princess if you ask Hubs. Or Quinny-binny-boo. It must be so confusing for Darby sometimes I swear. But totally cute.

Princess indeed.

Oh that reminds me – I still haven’t blogged about Quinny’s 4th birthday party yet!

My latest modeling gig

Chance has been kicking a lot of behaviour goals lately and is making us very proud, and my day-to-day life a bit easier. Most of the time. Anyway when he asked if I could build him a paper aeroplane while he was asleep tonight I was happy to say yes.

To be honest, I feel like I’ve been saying a big fat no to most of his requests lately, so it was nice to answer yes for a change. He chose which one he wanted and once the kitchen was done and the kids were asleep (usually happens between 7:15 asks 7:45pm most nights) I got to work.

This was his plane of choosing

That would hopefully end up looking something like this

Using only these

And following these instructions

I couldn’t even tell you how many of these little friggers I’ve made over the last 18 months or so. Maybe 30? Not to mention the paper trains. But they are heaps easier (and far less impressive!)

They recommend craft glue but who’s got time for that!? Super glue is where it’s at – instant bond! Granted sometimes it’s my finger instantly bonding with the paper but I’m getting better at it.

The finished product? I smashed this one out in 18 minutes.

Pretty happy with this one. The best bit will of course be when Chance wakes up and I can tell him where to find it.

Remember, it’s the little things.

What did we ever do without it?

Our deck I mean

Hubs and I were lazing around drinking our coffee together when I said to him “seriously what did we used to do before we built the deck!?”

We would carry our coffees downstairs like chumps and sit in the yard and look up at our house and say “we really need to get that deck built.” That’s what we used to do.

Now we sit up on our deck, looking down at our yard and say “We really need to get rid of all the crap in the yard.”

It’s never-ending.

Parenting is…

…when you have hung out three loads of washing and the kids are upstairs playing with Hubs and you realise you could get away with sneaking a chocolate Paddlepop ice cream from the fridge downstairs and take 5 minutes to sit down and enjoy it, only to hear your daughter calling you when you’re halfway through it and she comes downstairs to find you so you have to gulp down the second half of said ice cream and give yourself a brain freeze in the process.

It’s also giggly cuddles with this guy

It’s learning how to braid hair and finally starting to get the hang of it

It’s feeling your heart burst when you watch your oldest looking out for his sister and brother

There’s absolutely nothing that can prepare you for parenting. No books, no warnings, no friendly advice. It’s not until you’ve experienced the utmost highs and the deathly lows that you really get what is it all about. Some days I just want to hide away and not deal with the kids at all. But honestly every single day I can look back at at least one joyful thing that happened. Even if it only lasted a moment.

Today’s thing was reading to the kids at the end of a huge day/weekend. Quinn took herself off to bed after the first book. Then Darby fell asleep in my arms while Chance and I read a book together. That moment with just the two of us (and a snoring Darby) was quite lovely and definitely something I soaked up.

That and the chocolate Paddlepop.

It’s the little things.

I’ll still count my blessings

I’ve been wearing this bracelet for 18 months now. My parents caught up with my dear friend Kimberley in the states on their trip in 2015 and she gave it to them to give to me. The engraving says Counting My Blessings. I hadn’t taken it off since then. Until today. It already feels weird. Like taking off your wedding ring after years of wearing it continuously. (I’ve also had to do that thanks to pregnancy + heat).

I might have to look for a replacement. Don’t worry Kimberley. You’re never far from my thoughts xxx

S05E14 Leslie and Ben

Aw my gawsh. I know I was a little late coming to the Parks and Recreation party but better late than never. I just watched The wedding episode and teared up more times than I care to admit! I’m so in love with Leslie and Ben! Seriously too gorgeous!

I think about weddings a lot, sporadically being in the business and I came across this article today that honestly made me seethe. The upshot is that brides are being “forced” to spend up to $150,000 on their weddings to keep up with the “demands” of social media.

Give. Me. Strength.

The bride to be in this article is spending $24,500 on her flowers for goodness sake! My flowers cost a total of $500 and that included me and Hubs, four maids and groomsmen, and our grandmas and maybe even our parents!?

What the actual do you get for the extra $24,000???? Who the hell are these people!? And don’t even get me started on the $15,000 dress.

I honestly just don’t get it. I mean each to their own but going into that much debt for one day seems absurd to me. Maybe Daddy is paying for the whole affair – who knows. Not once was the groom mentioned by the way.

I get that different people want to do things their own way. I’m sure there were some people who thought our wedding was huge (170 at the reception) and compared to many it was big but I can assure you it didn’t cost anything close to $150k. We did a lot of stuff ourselves and really didn’t splurge on anything too crazy. And it was such a great day and night.

Hard to believe it will be 10 years ago this December. I’d better get Hubs thinking about some ideas early. Ha!

And of course here’s some wedding photos just because this is my blog and I can do whatever I want.

Tiny pre-baby waist! Ha Ha

Ah what a good looking bunch. Still in touch and in love with them all xxx

A dread-less Hubs! Not seen in 9 years this Easter. Good times. Good times.

The new face

In case you have been living under a rock and you didn’t know, our 2 year old son Darby is a clown.


Such a clown. He does things for the sole purpose of getting a laugh, and when he does, he repeats that behaviour.

Behold “Darby Eyes”

This look has had a lot of air time. Pretty much any time I would pull my phone out to take a photo, I was met with this face. It was hilarious because he couldn’t hold it if he started laughing so you could see him really trying to keep the straight face.

Then there was this face that he tried out for a couple of weeks but it didn’t quite get the desired reaction so it got dropped from the repertoire.

Both of those have been replaced with this beauty. It may not look like much but I’ll explain below.

It’s kind of a mix between when you tell a kid to “freeze” and they open their eyes really wide and grit their teeth in a smile. He does it when he knows he’s doing the wrong thing and we tell him to stop. Like yesterday morning when he was putting a comb in the pedestal fan blade protector while it was running. Every time we’d tell him to stop he would pull that face.

He was also doing it while we had the neighbours over for dinner and he kept throwing his cup off the deck and then saying “cup fell off”.

He is just such a clown.

Naked downward facing dog on the deck? Why the hell not!?

He loves a bit of beauty face action too.

What a cutie.